Below you can find the conditions which regulate the purchase of wine bottles on sale on the web site www.cantinadisanmartinoinrio.it, from Cantina Sociale di San Martino in Rio S.c.a., located in San Martino in Rio (RE) 42018 – Via Roma 123. – P.I. 00129440350, below “the seller”

When you will make a purchase on this Website, we will ask you to accept these Conditions of sale. If you accept them it involves the drawing up of a distance contract concerning the sale of wine bottles. (below “the products”)

Therefore it is important that you read with attention the terms and conditions of sales before placing an order of the products on the Site.

For further information we suggest you to contact us at info@cantinesanmartino.it or at 0522 698117

  1. Purchase Methods and procedures

For every product there is a button to add it to the shopping cart; The button could result disabled if the good is finished or unavailable. You can add to your shopping cart also more goods or modify the order until the moment before you have confirmed it on the checkout page.

On the Checkout page you will have to communicate the necessary data to follow up the order (Delivery/Shipment), to choose the terms of payment among those available and to accept the Terms and Conditions of sale. If you don’t accept the terms, if you communicate the wrong data or if you don’t write the requested information about the delivery and payment it will be impossible to draw up the contract and to place the order. In that case the seller won’t ship the products in the cart and won’t charge the expenses.

  1. Availability of the product and confirmation of receipt of the order

After placing an order in the Checkout page, it will be verified the effective availability of the product in the warehouse and in case of availability you will receive the confirm of order from the Seller at the mail which you communicated before.

To allow a correct communication we ask you to check the validity of your mail address. If you don’t receive the email of confirmation we suggest you to verify that our communications hasn’t been gone to junk mail (Spam, Junkie ecc..). In case the product is not available we will communicate it to you to the mail given by you.

The confirm of order contains the terms of payment of the products that you chose in the checkout page. The shipment and the delivery of the products will occur only after payment of the placed order.

  1. Acceptance and execution of the order

Your order will be executed once that the seller has received the payment, in particular by bank transfer, PayPal or Stripe as you chose in the Checkout page. When the seller receives the payment of the order, the products will be shipped to the address indicated in the checkout page. Later you will receive the information about the shipment (tracking number) from the carrier who took charge your order.

It could occur that an order is going to be refused, for example if:

  1. You give uncompleted, wrong or fraudulent information about your identity, age, payment, invoice information, shipment address;
  2. We notice that there is an error or a wrong information on the site regarding the products ordered by you, for example about the price or in the description;
  3. The products that you ordered are finished or not more available. In case we cannot accept your order we will contact you by mail as soon as possible. We cannot be held responsible about delayed or missed fulfillment of obligations under the terms and conditions of sales in case of this delayed or missed fulfillment was due to circumstances beyond our control including for example natural disasters, wars or civil unrest, strikes, government intervention, omission by the supplier, communication of wrong information o missed payment by you.

We will inform you about these unexpected events as soon as possible and we will do our best to reduce their impact on our performance.

  1. Description of the products, characteristics and prices

The characteristics, the description of the products on sale are indicated alongside of the single product. The prices of the products are presented on the site including Vat or every other tax. The duration of any promotions and discounts are reported close to the product which they refer to.  In case there were additional expenses, these will be showed close to the product which they refer to.

  1. Responsability of the Seller

The Seller is not responsible of damages or accidents to the client dude to the used of the purchased products. The seller is not responsible of disservices caused by events like accidents, explosions, fires, strikes, heart quakes, floods and other similar events which could interrupt totally or in part to carry out the order in the fixed time of the contract.

In relation of what it’s written above, we won’t be responsible to any part about damages, losses, misses and costs caused by the missing execution of the contract.

  1. Return and change of mind

If you are not satisfied with the received products you can send them us back. You will be refunded as expected from the current law. The law (D. Lgs. n. 206/2005) establishes that a person can change his mind within 14 days from the delivery of the goods.

In case of change of mind you will have to choose between the replacement of the product or the deposit of the credit on your bank account or post account. To define in details the methods, the costs and the time to return the goods you will have to write an explicit declaration to the Seller through this email address info@cantinesanmartino.it or at this telephone number 0522 698117.

The returned goods must be completed, in their original packaging complete in all its parts with adequate external closed packaging to guarantee the quality during transport.

All the products must arrive at the same conditions of reception, with original packaging, handbooks or everything which is part of the envelopment and the original packaging. It’s not allowed to return the goods with other methods.

The Seller will accept the returned goods only after having checked that the goods have been returned in the original state and with the original packaging. Only in that case the Seller will transfer the money of the refund.

  1. After Sale

If you have noticed problems or want to sent a complaint about a product or a purchase you made on the website, or if you simply need assistance you can contacts us at our mail or telephone number.

  1. Personal Data

When you place the order and accept thise conditions, you give the autorization to the Seller to use your data as established in the Online Information Order. Furthermore you give the authorization to the Seller to archive, deal and use your personal data to elaborate your order. You can read the Privacy Policy pursuant to articles 13 – 14 del Regolamento Europeo 16/679 (GDPR) on the website.

  1. Jurisdiction

To solve civil disputes caused by interpretation, execution and resolution of this sale contract the Seller appoints as Jurisdiction exclusively the one of Reggio nell’Emilia.

  1. Legal Guarantee of conformity

The purchased products are guaranteed by the artt. 128 e ss. del d. lgs. n. 206/2005, from the legal guarantee, which covers the lacks of conformity for a maximum period of 24 months.

A lack of conformity subsists when the purchased product, within a maximum period of 24 months from the delivery:

  • are not eligible to the habitual use of other goods of the same type.
  • are not in compliance with the description made by the seller and they don’t have the qualities presented by the seller to the customer as sample.
  • don’t have the qualities and the usual performances of a similar product which the customer can expect to have, considering the nature of the good and/or the advertising or the label of the good.
  • are not suitable for the use expected by the buyer and declared by the seller.

In case of non – compliance, the customer has the right to:

  • Receive a repaired product or a new one, according to the customer and without recharges.
  • Have a discount or to dissolve the contract, according to the customer. To define the amount of the discount it must be analyzed the use of the good.

In case of non-compliance you will have to contact the Seller at info@cantinesanmartino.it.

The Seller will try to solve the problem without extra costs and as soon as possible.

The rights listed on this article are identified by the Law; every other guarantee, as the commercial guarantee referred to the art. 133 of Codice di Consumo, has a different topic and doesn’t have effects on the legal guarantee.

  1. Shipping methods and Shipping costs

When the order is fulfilled you will receive an email from the currier with all the information about the tracking code and shipping state. For this reason it is very important that you give the right and correct information when you place the order. We don’t ship goods abroad. The shipping of the products will take place within 7 days from the day we have received the payment.


In relation to the provisions referred to in article 1, paragraph 125-ter, of law no. 124, the contributions received are published for transparency in the list of the “National Register of State Aid” RNA